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Feeney’s  Irish  Cream is regarded as the most luxurious Irish Cream in the world.  Feeney’s contains rich dairy cream and barrel aged Irish whiskey that is matured for at least three years to create a unique taste experience.

O’Mara’s Irish Country Cream is an award-winning Country Cream from the heart of Ireland , made with fresh cream to create  a soft luscious drink, that is the No. 1 Irish Country Cream in the US

Irish to the core, Brogan’s  is a blend of fresh cream, oak aged  Irish whiskey and rich  chocolate. A wonderful rich and indulgent flavour which is perfect to share with family and friends. This is as Irish as Irish cream gets.

O‘Casey’s represents our corporate ethos: find the best Irish cream from the most respected Irish farms, blend it with Irish whiskey and fine spices and offer it as a masterful representation of fine Irish Cream Liqueur.

First Ireland Spirits is part of the Quintessential Brands Group, to explore our other brands click the bottles below:

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